Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Meet Moira of Moira Coughlan Handmade Bags

Moira Coughlan is the maker of functional, durable - and downright fashionable - handbags. Currently based in Toronto, Moira designs and creates all of her handbags by hand. Originally trained as an Architectural Technologist, Moira decided in 2008 that designing handbags was way more fun than designing buildings and the rest is history! Moira believes that durability, functionality and simplicity, are key to sophisticated and timeless design. Combine these with environmentally sensitive production and you have a winning handbag.

Moira starts the design process with sketching and more sketching. Once she finds a design that works on paper she makes a prototype then edits and re-edits that. Once a winning proto type is found, production can begin – hooray! Moira cuts and constructs all bags by hand and sews everything stitch by stitch! Whew! What a job, but she loves it and hopes that you love your handbag as much as she enjoys creating it!